Sunday, 18 December 2016

Emu Creek Siding

Emu Creek Siding post office, 16 km from Clifton, opened on 1 November 1877. It was renamed Greenmount on 1 January 1879, then Greenmount Railway Siding on 21 August 1901 before reverting back to Greenmount in February 1910. 

Given that the only known example of an Emu Creek registered handstamp is seen on a Sideface issue, it would appear that the original registered handstamp was retained following the various change of names despite a Greenmount registered handstamp also being known
  • Registered handstamp on a Sideface - large type rated 3R

Emu Creek Siding Registered Handstamp on a Sideface rated 3R. Seen in the collection of Tony Griffin

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