Saturday, 25 March 2017


Highfields post office, 11 km north of Toowoomba, opened on 18 September 1876 and was renamed Koojarewon on 30 September 1877 before reverting back to Highfields on 15 March 1907
  • Registered handstamp - large type rated 3R
  • R in oval registered handstamp () on a Sideface rated 3R

Highfields Registered Handstamp rated 3R. Seen in Smithies with the following comment: "Archives. Not sent to post office?". I don't know where he got this image from but it will have to suffice until or if a postally used example is seen

Highfields R in oval registered handstamp on a Sideface rated 3R. Dated 5 February 1901

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